Our current production set up allows us to be able to satisfy and fulfill varied needs. We can rely on a complete range of machines composed, in total, of 25 presses with wide capacity:– traditional thermoset injection department by 95 Ton up to 400 Ton;
– Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC) injection department by 135 up to 400 Ton;
– Compression department by 15 Ton up to 400 Ton.

On completion of the molding activity we have at our disposal a precision mechanics finishing division where, by using numerical control lathes, we can execute further adjustments or customizations on each moulded piece in order to better fit to our customers needs.

Even if our Company’s core business is the processing of thermosetting materials, we are able to offer a complete range of custom-made services to our customers because of the possibility to manage internally each requirement on thermoplastic polymers processing up to 300 Tons machines.
For bigger dimentions articles which need higher tonnage, G.P. GarPlast established deep and durable partnership relations with primary important Companys in this field.